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The Big Draw - The Spirit of the Rainforest 


Did you know that an area the size of a football pitch is destroyed in the Amazon Rainforest every minute!


As a class we have worked collaboratively to show the importance of conserving the Natural Wonders of the World through our artwork. We believe that without a shift in attitudes towards unnecessary deforestation and climate change, future generations will be unable to paint and explore the full rainbow of colour that illuminates the Rainforest in the same way that we have, because it is slowly being drained of all its life and colour on a daily basis!


To show our intentions and how serious we are about living harmoniously with the Natural World we have decided to take part in the worlds biggest drawing event - The Big Draw Festival 2020 - A Climate of Change. The art that we create is our promise to Earth and future generations. We all have the power and responsibility to protect and nurture the Earth and in turn the Earth will continue to thrive and support humankind! 

Further updates about our virtual Big Draw Gallery will be Posted Shortly! 




The Big Draw 2020 - The Spirit of the Rainforest!

Take a look at our classroom displays to help us with our learning.

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