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Autumn Term 2020


Welcome back! I have created a pack of everything you might need to know about your child’s time in my class.


It’s been a while for all of you! For you and your children, school hasn’t been ‘normal’ for six months! I will endeavour to do the best that I can to ensure that your child/ren is settled back into school like as smoothly as possible. As you are probably aware, Year 6 is a very important year, with a considerable amount of work to get through. Year 5 is also important, and these children will be well prepared ready for Year 6! We will spend the first few weeks getting back into the swing of things and getting used to new routines; this will include some initial assessment to help me see where gaps have been created during their time away from school. From there, I will plan steps to fill these gaps and help this children make accelerated progress towards their age expected level for their year group following the COVID-19 School Recovery Plan. As the work load begins to increase, we will give your child the help and mental support to tackle new challenges and meet their personal goals. This year we have a mixed class of Year 6 and Year 5, supported by myself, Mrs Wallace and Mrs Childe as a 1:1. Ms Randall and Mrs Wallace will be covering the class when I am Head of School.


In English and Maths, children will be set individual targets from a close analysis of initial assessment using the Rising Stars statutory tests. They will be taking the test from their previous year group to enable me to see where to pitch and differentiate to their needs. High expectations and a positive approach to the wider curriculum will be evident throughout, but the first few weeks will take a strong focus on English and Maths, outlined in our School Recovery Plan.


Our theme for this term will be ‘Out of this World’, completely based around the theme of Space, the planets and space travel, linking closely with Science. English and foundation subjects will all be linked to this; this may be listening to ‘The Planets’ by Holst or debating with the opinions of The Flat Earth Society about the true shape of our Earth. The coverage for this topic can be found on the website. Our class book will be ‘Wonder’ by R.J Palacio who will also be our class author. It would be really helpful if your child could bring their own named copy of this book at the beginning of term; this book will stay in school and avoid cross contamination as it will be their own copy which is not shared. It can be purchased on Amazon for just £4! https://www.amazon.co.uk/Wonder-R-J-Palacio/dp/0552565970#ace-g4127440567



The Reading Challenge will continue, where children will have an opportunity to win a book at the end of the half term if they complete their challenge grid.

It’s extremely important that children read at least three times a week. This will help with their writing and vocabulary skills significantly. We have a vast range of age appropriate books in our class reading area and having read most of them, I am able to make recommendations to the pupils on the best books to read to suit their needs and likes.



The children will be finding out what matters most to Christians in RE, learning Spanish and continuing to study the topic of Space in Science. They will be attending the Outreach Programme at Lacon Childe on Tuesday for 7 weeks where Mr Stinson will be teaching them Tag Rugby (this begins on Wednesday 8th September) Please can pupils come dressed in their  PE kit on Tuesdays. They’ll also have PE on Wednesdays too, please ensure their PE kit returns to school for this.  When I’m not in class, Ms Randal and Mrs Wallace will teach Reading and problem-solving Maths, as well as computing, science, art and design and PSCHE. These subjects may change after the half term break. A breakdown of the timetable for this half term can be found below (this is subject to change at this stage - August 2020)




Children MUST NOT bring their own stationery in a pencil case. On their first day, they will be provided with their own stationary which can stay in their desk. They are old enough to be responsible for their own property. As they are the oldest children in the school, I expect them to set a good example to all those younger than them in everything that they do. As you’ll be aware, the school day has been timetabled to allow no cross-contamination of social ‘bubbles’. We also schedule in regular hand-washing and request that the children bring in their own small hand sanitiser to keep in their desk.




Homework will be given on a Tuesday and expected to be completed by the following MONDAY. This will be alternating weeks of English and Maths. If you wish to give your child more homework, I highly recommend the CPD book range for SATs revision! I have also set your child up on Prodigy – a maths game where I am able to set tasks specific to our lesson objectives and track their progress. They can also practise their Multiplication on Purple Mash. This won’t be set as homework but the children are welcome to use it at their leisure.



Please feel free to contact me via dojo or email at any time and discuss any queries you might have.



I look forward to an exciting year ahead!


Miss Farr

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