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What does your child learn at school each day? Find information about our curriculum subjects here. You can also check out your child's curriculum overview by theme on their class page!

For more information on our curriculum, please contact your child's class teacher or our Head Teacher.


Intent of our curriculum

Our offer encompasses our school vision ‘for everyone to be part of our community, be life-long learners who are confident, enthusiastic, valued and reach their God given full potential’ - I have come so that you will have life and have it to the full John 10:10 As a church school, this vision along with our school values sits at the heart of all learning for each child.

We aspire for each and every child to leave our school with a life-long love of learning, a thirst to be the best they can be‘To leave us with happy memories, times of enjoyment and fun with friends for life. We want our children to know that the sky is the limit and that anything is possible! We achieve this through an inspiring curriculum which supports the needs of our children, guides those needing direction and excites their curiosity. 

Our curriculum is designed around a central text linked to an overall theme. Our sequences of learning are based around these texts and feed into our love of reading culture. Where possible we use foundation subjects such as History and Geography as key drivers to develop this thematic approach. We make meaningful cross-curricular links so that our children develop transferable skills. 

It enables the children to develop personal skills through our school values as well as building resilience and provides opportunities to become creative and critical thinkers.


The statutory National Curriculum requirements are fulfilled and ensure progression of learning, skills and knowledge. In EYFS children follow the foundation stage curriculum.

Our curriculum drivers:

Our Christian values sit at the heart of our curriculum and we strive for our children to live these in their daily life. Our learning is planned in response to the following key drivers for our school setting:

  • Our children show an increasing speech and language need on arrival in EYFS and we facilitate a language rich environment as a result

  • We aspire to broaden the horizons of our children who are from farming backgrounds with rural lifestyles. We want them to know that the sky is the limit to their aspirations, that they are musicians, scientists, artists etc. 

  • Our community learns with our children to enable us to educate and work in partnership with our parents


Take a look at our Curriculum Offer which highlights the following;

1. What we are trying to achieve through our curriculum (intent)

2. How our curriculum is delivered (implementation)

3. How we monitor the difference our curriculum is making to our children (impact) 

Pupil views on our curriculum

Our children really love to learn! Take a look at some of their feedback about their curriculum!

  • All our topics are fun and fascinating. We learn about the past. (Y3/4 child)
  • We like how our learning is linked to our topics. (Y3/4 child)
  • I love the chilli challenge in Maths! (Y3/4 child)
  • English lessons are fun. We write about things for a reason. (EYFS child)
  • In Maths we learn about different symbols. I loved capacity too! (EYFS child)
  • All our topics are fun but Towers & Tales was the best because  we went on a great trip to Wonderland to learn new stories. (Y1/2 child) 
  • Learning about pirates was my favourite because a real life pirate came into school and made us walk the plank! (Y1/2 child)
  • Natural disasters was a great topic because I learned fascinating facts. (Y5/6 child)
  • Our topics are interesting. They're fun and engaging and make us eager to learn. (Y5/6 child)


Parent/carer views on our curriculum

Here are just some of the comments our parents/carers have said about our curriculum;


  • the themes foster the children's enthusiasm and focus
  • My child loves to bring their learning home to us!
  • The project homework allows the children to work to their strengths and enjoyment
  • Really impressed by how many facts my child knows about their topic - even my husband and I are learning some things!
  • The dojos give an incentive for homework and they are full of choice
  • The trips and visits are a great way to engage the children further
  • Project homework makes learning meaningful and engaging
  • The curriculum my child has learned so far has been inspiring and interesting 

Two-Year Rolling Cycle

Please take a look at our curriculum rolling cycle. Due to meeting the needs of our children, changes may be made as appropriate.

Skills Progression Teaching Cycle for Learning

We aim for all our children to reach their God given full potential in all areas of curriculum learning, enabling them to become artists, musicians, historians etc. 

We ensure that they develop age appropriate skills for all subjects taught. Please take a look at each subject tab for a two-year rolling programme of the areas we cover in each subject.


Learning And Teaching


Please take a look at our class pages where you will find up to date curriculum overviews for each term/half term. These highlight the overall theme, the key text focus as well as the National Curriculum coverage of skills and knowledge.


Delivery expectations of our curriculum 

  • sequences of learning are based on quality texts
  • Sequences of learning are designed around writing and reading skills 
  • themes are driven by foundation subjects such as History and Geography
  • learning is designed to flow through knowledge, skills and understanding.
  • Spelling, punctuation, grammar and handwriting are endorsed at every opportunity 
  • themes include a Sparkling Start and a Fabulous Finish, a trip or visitor to further enhance learning. 
  • active feedback  and assessment is used to inform learning and further develop sequences. 
  • Confident subject knowledge and effective support ensures subject matter is presented clearly
  • parents and carers are invited in for regular Stay and Share sessions in which they learn alongside their child  
  • classes showcase a rich, broad and balanced curriculum through Class Memory Books which enable our children to have key memories linked to learning


All children receive a well-balanced, broad-based curriculum, centred around the National Curriculum subjects and Religious Education.  There is a strong emphasis upon the skills and knowledge requirements of English, Maths and RE which give access to all other areas of learning. 


The core subjects are English, Mathematics, Science and RE.  The Foundation subjects are Design Technology, Art, Music, Physical Education, History and Geography.  We also provide  P.S.C.H.E. (Personal, Social and Health Education and Citizenship).  Years 3 - 6 also receive one session of Spanish a week. 



How is my child taught these subjects?

Children are taught as a pure EYFS class with the remainder of the school being made up of mixed year groups. This can be flexible depending on number of pupils on roll.


Teachers plan their work in a variety of ways, ensuring that we adopt a thematic approach to learning as well as meeting the needs of the children.  We work hard to ensure that our curriculum offers all our children opportunities to develop a love of learning both indoors and outside in our beautiful setting. Children may work individually, in pairs or small groups, or in whole class sessions. 






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