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Dangerous Dinosaurs

Reception's dinosaur fact video

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Reception's Dinosaur Museum 


Wow what a fantastic afternoon celebrating all of the children's hard work throughout this dinosaur topic! The children were so exciting and proud of what they have achieved it was amazing to see. They raised lots of money selling the dinosaur biscuits, their fossils and the clay sculptures they made and much more. Fingers crossed the dinosaur egg will hatch not they are experts!

There have been dinosaurs in our classroom! Rex has come along to help us become paleontologists and learn all there is to know about dinosaurs. The children have created a dinosaur dig; as well as a dinosaur museum in our classroom in order for our learning to be the best it can be. As a class they have decided that they want to create their own dinosaur museum in order to teach everybody else all about dinosaurs. They have been learning dinosaur names, studying where they lived, what they eat, how they move and much more. They have even been digging for fossils in our outdoor classroom and found dinosaur bones! 
Something very strange has happened this week in Reception, there was a curious object left in forest school. Thankfully the children turned into super detectives and spotted the object. At this current time we are unsure what it could be (see picture above of the egg) the children think it could be a dinosaur egg, dragon or a sea monster. They are going to work hard over the next few weeks researching and detecting what they think it could be!
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