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As you are probably aware, Year 6 is a very important year, with a considerable amount of work to get through. Year 5 is also important, and these children will be well prepared ready for Year 6! We have spent the first few weeks getting back into the swing of things and getting used to new routines, but as the work load begins to increase, we are giving your child the help and support that they will need in order to make as much academic process as possible. This year we have a mixed class of Year 6 and Year 5, supported by myself, Mrs Evans and Mrs Wallace in the afternoons. Ms Randall will teach the class every Thursday.


In English and Maths, children have been set individual targets from a close analysis of Year 4 and 5 end of year tests or initial assessment. High expectations and a positive approach to the new curriculum will be evident throughout.


Children may bring their own stationery in a pencil case, which can stay in their desk. They are old enough to be responsible for their own property. As they are the oldest children in the school, I expect them to set a good example to all those younger than them in everything that they do.

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