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Once upon a crime

Wonderland Trip

There has been more  commotion going on in Reception! Thankfully we have received a letter from the local police and the giant has been captured-thanks to all our hard work. Although there has been yet another  crime scene in our classroom, this time we think it must be the gingerbread man. We have been busy making sleep potions and creating wanted posters to try and stop him.    
The children have been transforming into detectives solving a variety of crimes that have been committed! The giant from Jack and the Beanstalk had broken into our classroom leaving; his huge smelly socks, dirty footprints, his mug and a variety of other enormous items. The children have created wanted posters to try and capture him. They have created a mini police station to help them collate more clues. They have been busying find out all there is to know about the Jack and the Beanstalk story. In order to become experts and to catch the giant they have even been trying to grow their very own beanstalk. They are even hoping to write their very own version! They have been busy making delicious recipes in the mud kitchen and in forest school to try and lure the giant back again, whilst some children have been developing traps! We are hoping to have him locked up very soon, wish us luck!

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