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Pupil Leadership & Eco

Meet our Pupil Leadership Team

The Pupil Leadership team work closely with Ms Simmonds in order to continue to improve our school. They meet fortnightly to discuss next projects.

So far they have collaboratively written our Pupil School Evaluation Plan as well as reports to Governors as 'associate governors'! Members of the team have also had the opportunity to become 'learning detectives' and monitor teaching and learning across the school!



Take a look at the team and the work they have been planning on doing through their pupil SEF below.




As part of the Pupil Leadership work, the pupils gather the views of the school to write their very own School Evaluation Form (SEF). This highlights all the strengths of the school as well as future areas for development as seen by the pupils of our school. Take a look below at what they have been working on!


Our Pupil Leadership Team is divided into 2 focus groups.


Teaching & Learning Team

We make sure you are doing the best learning you can and that your lessons are well taught.




Health & Well Being Team

We look after you in school as a whole person. We make sure you feel safe, secure and are mentally fit too. We also ensure that everyone is showing their best behaviour.



Meet our Head Boy and Head Girl

Meet the CREW

The CREW help with our weekly Open the Book Bible story worship. They also work closely with Mrs Lewis our RE Lead in collecting evaluations and ensuring that our worship remains a strength of the school.


Meet our Eco Team


The Eco Team work closely with Mrs Childe to ensure that we are as eco-friendly as we can be. Together they were awarded the eco 'Green Flag' for all the hard work which they do in and around the school.

Each week the team award classes with a 'Super Saver' award and a 'Best Bin'. These awards congratulate the children on turning off all electrical items around the school as well as great recycling both indoors and outside. 

Take a look at our Eco display board

Our Green Flag features in our wooded area of school

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