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Spring Term 2019

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Welcome back! I hope you have all had a wonderful and restful Christmas time and a very Happy New Year to you all!


As you are probably aware, SATs are just around the corner for Year Six! We have a term and a half to go. We will spend the first few weeks getting back into the swing of things, but the hard work begins now.

Having got to know the children and the types of learners they are, the English and Maths I teach will be based both around the tests and Year 5 and6 objectives in an enriched and exciting way. Children will be set individual targets from a close analysis of their achievements in the Autumn Term. High expectations and a positive approach to the curriculum will be evident throughout as always!


The Spring Curriculum

The children will be having a Dance instructor every Tuesday afternoon for P.E, having the opportunity to discuss important matters using the story ‘The Island’ to create discussion in SMSC sessions and in RE we will be asking ‘What do other religions say to us when life gets hard?’ and ‘What did Jesus do to save Human Beings? Our theme is changing for the Spring Term. This will be called ‘Disaster!’ and will take a Geographical focus based all around the construction of the Earth and the effect this has on Nature. We will study Volcanoes and Earthquakes from around the world and create both fictional and non-fictional writing. We will also link in our Science study, learning about Plants and Life Cycles as well as States of Matter. I have organised a Whole Day workshop which is drama and geography led all about Volcanoes on Friday 15th February. There will be a showcase Assembly at the end of this day. Details on prices and times to follow. P.E is on a Tuesday and Friday but as always this can change so could you please ensure that P.E bags are in school for the week.

We will be reading the story ‘Kensuke’s Kingdom’ by our new Class Author Michael Morpurgo in Guided Reading. Children may bring in their own copies of this should they wish to! 

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Year 6 children will also be having a Comprehension Session with Ms Cynthia Wardle on a weekly basis to help prepare them for their Reading SAT. Year 5 children will spend this session working on their grammar, punctuation and spelling skills with Miss Farr. Our class will be supported on a Monday all day and Tuesday/Thursday mornings by Mrs Evans. We are also supported by Mrs Wallace as a 1:1 Teaching Support Assistant 3 afternoons a week. As before, Ms Randall will be teaching the children on Thursdays.



Children may bring their own stationery in a pencil case, which can stay in their desk. We have had an issue in class recently with children bringing their own Blue Tac or unnecessary items into class. They only need the essentials; we can provide most of the equipment they need., The ‘extra’ stationary and its ability to divert attention is having a negative effect on some of the children’s learning and unfortunately the children they sit with too. Children have been warned that should this continue, all pencil cases will be banned and have to stay at home. They are old enough to be responsible for their own property. As they are the oldest children in the school, I expect them to set a good example to all those younger than them in everything that they do.


Please come and attend our ‘Stay and Play’ Maths Session on Tuesday 5th February 9:30am – 10:30am.


Maths Booster Club:

This will run initially for all Y6 children on a Wednesday night after school until 4pm. It’s vital that all children attend this extra session at no cost. On the final week of Maths Booster for the half term, I will be a holding a ‘SATs – all you need to know’ meeting for all Year 6 pupils and parents. I expect it to last no longer than 30 minutes.



Some children will be asked to use their ‘soft start’ time on a daily basis to practise their handwriting.

All these children will be notified on the first day back to start on the first full week back at school so if you are able to get your child to school slightly earlier so they can have a little extra practise time, I would be very grateful!



Homework will continue as alternating weeks of English and Maths. Remember, homework is handed out on a Tuesday as before but is now due in the following MONDAY. If you wish to give your child more homework, I highly recommend the CPD book range for SATs revision!



Please do have a look at our class page on the website. It’s updated very regularly and it’s a great opportunity to see all the wonderful things your children are up to! It also has links to our full ‘Disaster!’ topic overview, POW projects, important letters sent home and upcoming diary dates

Timetables for the half term will be sent home and can also be viewed in the Spring Term section on our class page on the website. (Tab: Children – Class Pages – Year 5 and 6)


Please feel free to come and see me at any time and discuss any queries you might have.

I look forward to another hard-working term ahead.


Miss Laura Farr

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Be the best you can be, as a child of God