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It has been a very busy few weeks! We have been working very hard to help Supertato and all his superhero friends. Luckily we managed to teach superman how to eat healthy again, by making healthy pizzas. We have designed and made some fantastic superhero costumes. 
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There has been a disaster the Evil Peas have broken into our classroom and trapped the vegetables. Supertato sent us a Supertato so the vegetables know we are trying to help him and not the Evil Peas! We have started our superhero bootcamp, so we can become a superhero. He sent us his training regime for us to follow we have been doing; press ups, laps of the field, X-ray vision reading, handwriting, star jumps and much more in order for us to be the best! We have sent letters to all the superheroes we know asking questions about how to become a superhero. 
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