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About The Big Draw 2020 Festival

Founded in 2000, The Big Draw is a visual literacy charity that promotes the universal language of drawing as a tool for learning, expression and invention. The Festival has become the world’s biggest celebration of drawing and is made up of a collection of thousands of creative events, activities and workshops across the globe run by organisations big and small; from individuals to entire cities. This year it’s the turn of the children, staff and parents of Bayton Primary School to showcase their creativity and contribute to worldwide change through drawing and art.

With the current climate as it stands we can all agree that this pandemic has a lot to answer for! In an ideal world we would come together as a whole school, work together in the village hall taking part in skilled workshops, in addition to the classroom; work collaboratively in mixed year groups in the playground; invite parents and governors to come and join in with what still will be a spectacular event. However, restrictions mean that we will have to hold several smaller events within our social bubbles throughout October and come together virtually to showcase our success via an online gallery. Parents will also be encouraged to get involved by sending in a drawing or doodle to contribute to the bigger picture that Bayton School has to offer.


The Theme

In 2020 The Big Green Draw Festival #ClimateOfChange focuses on the relationship between people and our living environments and ecosystems; highlighting how we live today and the ways in which we do and do not harmonise with nature. The Big Green Draw is eager to help showcase mindsets and actions that proactively support positive interaction between people and the Earth. This is a great year to bring our school community together to draw, explore, get out and about and kick start a new creative pathway for Bayton CofE Primary school and become part of The World's Biggest community of drawing enthusiasts!

At One With Natures Wild World 

Reception Class 


Tuesday 20th October                                9.00am - 11.30am




At One With Natures Wild World Reception Children of Bayton SchoolAs part of The Big Draw Festival 2020 - 'A Climate of Change', the children in Reception will explore their natural surroundings by going on a texture hunt to broaden their understanding of man-made and natural textures. They will make their own painting tools using whatever nature provides us with i.e. pine cones, leaves, twigs etc and use these to create a bold collaborative landscape coming together with nature untouched!

Their artwork is their promise that as they grow up they will continue to learn about nature and the natural world. They will teach others to enjoy, yet preserve the natural environments that make Earth the most enriched, diverse and wonderful planet there is, and to keep it this way, we must take care of our planet for it to be able to take care of us!

If Trees Could Talk..........

Year 1 and 2

Monday 12th October                                                            9.00am - 2.45pm




Through exploration, discussion and mark making the children will work collaboratively to create a magical forest. As they work we will discuss the vital role trees play within life on earth and think about what the trees could tell us if they could talk.

To follow we will create clay tree faces on the trees within the wooded area and use natural materials to show the different features, using our speech bubbles to show how the trees are telling us to look after and respect the world we are fortunate to live in. The wooded area will become a gallery for the whole school and parents to visit throughout the day. 

Save the Rainforest's Spirit 

Years 3 and 4





Did you know that an area the size of a football pitch is destroyed in the Amazon Rainforest every minute! 

As a class we have worked collaboratively to show the importance of conserving the Natural Wonders of the World through our artwork. We believe that without a shift in attitudes towards unnecessary deforestation and climate change, future generations will be unable to paint and explore the full rainbow of colour that illuminates the Rainforest in the same way that we have, because it is slowly being drained of all its life and colour on a daily basis!

The art that we create is our promise to Earth and future generations. We all have the power and responsibility to protect and nurture the Earth and in turn the Earth will continue to thrive and support humankind! 

Wonders in the Water 

Year 5/6




Inspired by the recent work of David Attenborough ‘A Life on Our Planet’ the children in years 5 and 6 at Bayton School aim to create their own impact statement about the effects that we as humans are having on our wonderful world through drawing, art and exploration.

They will work collaboratively to create a large scale canvas reflecting how the Earth is slowly drowning, by representing famous landmarks and the great wonders of the World slowly becoming emerged in water. To accompany this they will create powerful billboard slogans to make people to think more carefully about their carbon footprint and encourage them to take positive actions to live harmoniously with nature and the wild world.  

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