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Year 1/2

Caught you reading! We love reading traditional and fairy tales both at home and at school!

NSPCC Number Day! Numbers are fun!

NSPCC Number Day! Numbers are fun!  1
NSPCC Number Day! Numbers are fun!  2
NSPCC Number Day! Numbers are fun!  3
NSPCC Number Day! Numbers are fun!  4
NSPCC Number Day! Numbers are fun!  5
NSPCC Number Day! Numbers are fun!  6
NSPCC Number Day! Numbers are fun!  7
NSPCC Number Day! Numbers are fun!  8
NSPCC Number Day! Numbers are fun!  9
NSPCC Number Day! Numbers are fun!  10
NSPCC Number Day! Numbers are fun!  11
NSPCC Number Day! Numbers are fun!  12
NSPCC Number Day! Numbers are fun!  13
NSPCC Number Day! Numbers are fun!  14
NSPCC Number Day! Numbers are fun!  15
NSPCC Number Day! Numbers are fun!  16
NSPCC Number Day! Numbers are fun!  17
NSPCC Number Day! Numbers are fun!  18
NSPCC Number Day! Numbers are fun!  19
NSPCC Number Day! Numbers are fun!  20
NSPCC Number Day! Numbers are fun!  21
NSPCC Number Day! Numbers are fun!  22
NSPCC Number Day! Numbers are fun!  23
NSPCC Number Day! Numbers are fun!  24
NSPCC Number Day! Numbers are fun!  25
NSPCC Number Day! Numbers are fun!  26
NSPCC Number Day! Numbers are fun!  27

Christmas Story Time in Forest School

Christmas Story Time in Forest School  1
Christmas Story Time in Forest School  2
Christmas Story Time in Forest School  3
Christmas Story Time in Forest School  4
Christmas Story Time in Forest School  5
Christmas Story Time in Forest School  6

Diwali Day

Diwali Day  1
Diwali Day  2
Diwali Day  3
Diwali Day  4
Diwali Day  5
Diwali Day  6
Diwali Day  7
Diwali Day  8
Diwali Day  9
Diwali Day  10
Diwali Day  11
Diwali Day  12
Diwali Day  13
Diwali Day  14
Diwali Day  15
Diwali Day  16
Diwali Day  17
Diwali Day  18
Diwali Day  19
Diwali Day  20
Diwali Day  21
Diwali Day  22
Diwali Day  23
Diwali Day  24
Diwali Day  25

Kidderminster Harriers

Kidderminster Harriers  1

Something was accidently delivered to our class! But who was it for?

Something was accidently delivered to our class! But who was it for? 1
Something was accidently delivered to our class! But who was it for? 2
Something was accidently delivered to our class! But who was it for? 3
Something was accidently delivered to our class! But who was it for? 4

We met some RE-searcher Heroes

Welcome to Class 1 - 2

Pirate Day is fast approaching! 

Tuesday 16 October is Year 1/2 Pirate Day. We are encouraging your child to come as a pirate for the day. There are lots of great ideas on the internet for making your own costume at home. I have attached a YouTube link here for some ideas. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bJdQtEdTa1E 


Number bonds to 10 Support

This is a useful rap which we will be learning class. It would be a huge help for your child if you can learn it at home too. 



Monday 17th September 2018


This half term we are going to have a big push on forming our letter correctly, comfortably and confidently. We don't have any lazy letters.


All letters should be sat on the line but the ascender letters ( b, d, h, k, l) should be standing tall and descender letters' (f, g, j, p, q, y) tails dropping below the line. We teach the letters in groups - caterpillar, one armed robot, ladder and zig zag monster. There is a chart at the bottom showing the letters. There is also a chart at the bottom showing how all capital and lower case letters should sit on the lines. 


In order to help children form their letters correctly we use the Read Write Inc letter formation rhymes. The children have been introduced to this in Reception so are already familiar with the rhymes. There is an attachment at the bottom with all the rhymes which we use. If you would like a print out of this, please let me know. 


Bayton's Expectation:

Year 1 children should be starting to join and form all letters and number correctly.

Year 2 children should be joining letter correctly.


Please come and see if you have concerns with your child's handwriting or would like extra practice material for at home. 


Phonics and Reading Meeting and Workshop 

Miss Platt and I would like to invite you to join us for a Phonics & Reading meeting on Friday 14th September at 9:30 in the hall. 
The meeting will discuss reading and phonics in more depth. We will be discussing the sequence of phonics which is taught from Reception to Year 2 and the different reading skills your child are taught. 

If you are unable to attend the meeting, PowerPoint will be added to our class page. I will also be discussing the important of the elements of the reading and phonics PowerPoint on Monday too. 


Following on from this meeting, I would like to invite you to a phonics workshop on Monday 17th September at 9:20. During the workshop you will be able to watch one of our 20 minute phonics lesson being taught and join in if you would like. 


Friday 7th September 2018

Today your child will bring home a new reading book. Bayton has adopted a new colour banded reading book system across the whole school so the book which your child has been assigned is appropriate for their reading level. For further information on the colour bands there is a document attached at the bottom which explains everything a little more. Also any questions which you have can be answered on Monday after school at the Meet The Teacher meeting. 


Today I have showed the children a great reading website which you can assess at home; Oxford Owl Reading Online. 

Oxford Owl is packed with expert advice, top tips and activity ideas so you can help your child with reading and maths.  

Website - https://www.oxfordowl.co.uk/for-home/

Username - BaytonYear1/2

Password - we love reading


Autumn Term 1 


We hope you all had an enjoyable summer.


We can’t wait to get started on our new topic based on Pirates called ‘Ahoy there!’ We’ve got lots of exciting learning opportunities planned.  You will find an overview of the planning attached on our class page. The curriculum overview is a plan which has been created at the start of the topic however areas of this plan may change in relation to the children’s learning journey and their interest in specific areas of the topic. I have attached this term’s weekly timetable.



There are four adults in the Year 1/2 team.

Miss Randall – Monday , Tuesday morning, all day teaching on Wednesday
Mrs Keegan – Wednesday morning, Thursday and Friday all day
Mrs Evans – Monday and Tuesday afternoon




  • Reading - It is expected that children will read at least 5 times at home, even if it is 5 minutes of reading and discussing. Please sign your child’s reading diary so that we can enter your child in the whole school reading reward system.  It is important to support your child by asking them a range of questions and encouraging them to discuss the text with you. A range of texts could be read in addition to the reading scheme books, such as books from home, comics, children’s newspapers, letters and signs, etc. Each child will be heard read at least once a week in school in guided reading sessions. Our class has reading book boxes so the children will become responsible for changing their own books. Each child will be given a colour band to choose books from.
  • Spellings - Children will receive their weekly spellings every Monday and then tested on the following week. All spelling will be related to recent learning in school or a consolidation of spellings which your child needs to be secure with. Your child will get their first set of spellings on Monday.
  • Number facts and times tables - As part of the National Curriculum children will need to be finger click quick with their basic number facts and times tables. Each week children will tested on their target facts. When they are finger click quick they will move onto the next target facts.

Year 1 – Number pairs to 10 > Number pairs to 20 > Number pairs to 100 > Doubles and Halves to 20

Year 2 – 10 times tables > 2 times tables > 5 times tables > 10,2 & 5 times tables > 3 times tables

Over the next few days we will be getting to know the children in order to start them on correct test.

  • POWer Termly Topic – Your child will come home with a POWer homework menu where they must complete enough tasks to meet the target number of points. The homework will then be handed in at the end of the term on 22nd October.



We have had lots of children last term that didn’t have the correct P.E. kit so please ensure your child has an indoor and outdoor PE kit in school every day.

P.E Kit list for all Year 1/2 children:
- Blue t-shirt with school logo
- Royal blue shorts
- Trainers or pumps for outdoor PE
- Hooded Sweatshirt
- Jog Pants

Please make sure that all clothes are marked clearly with names and P.E. bags for holding P.E. clothes are clearly named. Jewellery should not be worn for P.E. or games for safety reasons. If earrings are not removed they must be covered with plasters brought from home. Children with long hair should have their hair tied back during the school day. All pupils should have a pair of outdoor shoes for playtimes in the winter (such as trainers or pumps) which must be changed on coming into school. We can provide wet-weather clothing to our FS/KS1 pupils as we expect them to be outside almost every day.

This term’s focus will be gymnastics and throwing and catching games. You can find the yearly plan on our class page. This term we are also lucky because we are being taught additional P.E. by Lisa Stokes from Lacon Childe Outreach. This is on a Tuesday afternoon.



We take pride in how we look in Year 1/2. A list of school uniform can be found on the school website. Summer uniform can be worn after Easter until October half term.

Year 1/2 will have weekly art sessions where they will need a clearly named overall for art work (e.g. old shirt). The overalls will be kept in the classroom.


Please remember that children are not allowed to bring in any stationary such as pencil cases, pens, rubbers, etc as this is all provided for every child in the classroom.



Can you please ensure your child brings a named water bottle into class to have throughout the day but please ensure that this is only water and not squash or fizzy pop? It is a whole school rule that children are to only have water in the classroom.



We will be using class dojos and good to be green on a daily basis. The class dojo skills are all based on our class and school rules, which I have attached in this pack.

Year 1/2 team and I are available before school between 8:30 and 8:50 for any quick notifications and afternoon for meetings. Meetings will need to be organised beforehand due to afterschool clubs and staff meetings. These can be organised through the office or me. If anything should arise please do not hesitate to contact me so we can ensure that your child is happy and enjoying school.


On Monday 10th September at 3:30, you are invited to Year 1/2‘s Meet the Teacher meeting. It will be held in our classroom once all the children have been collected by their parents or carers.



Year 1 / 2 2017 - 2018 

Spring Term

Our theme for Spring is ‘Superheroes’ and our first focus will be upon the book Traction Man Meets Turbo Dog.  Within this theme children will be taught English, History, Geography, Art and D.T. We introduced children to the new theme with a Superhero dress up day! The children are already really enjoying our first book - Traction Man Meets Turbo Dog. So far children have written story predictions, descriptions and they have written in role as a character.  



As part of our class Topic, Under the Sea, the children visited Birmingham Sealife Centre where they enjoyed a tour from Lee around the centre learning about the natural habitats of different sea creatures, as well as the importance of caring for them properly.  The children especially enjoyed the Ocean Tunnel where they saw Malaki the sea turtle as well as sharks and stingrays.  They also saw Beverly the octopus and warmed their hands over the stingray water to encourage them to come to the surface.  Check out some of our photographs!


For RE our children have been learning about the birth of Jesus.  The children took part in a nativity trail around the playground with some pupils dressing up to act out the parts.  More recently we visited the church in  Bayton to learn more about the nativity and to also learn about Christingle.  They have also make their own Christingles to reinforce their learning.


The children enjoyed a visit from Charlotte from The Dogs Trust where they learnt all about how to look after a dog, particularly what to feed a dog and what not to.

Our Topic for this term is Under the Sea. Children enjoyed studying The Storm Whale book during the first half term. We made whales in Art, took part in drama activities and undertook a number of writing activites linking to the story including letters, diary entries and our own versions of the story.   This half term we will be focussing upon the book Dougal's Deep Sea Diary and will take part in a special visit to the Sealife Centre in Birmingham. 


The children recently enjoyed a creative arts afternoon working collaboratively with the Y3&4 children to create abstract artwork based on Kandinsky's circles using paints, using paints, felts and other materials.  

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Be the best you can be, as a child of God