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Meeting Structure and Terms of Reference

Meeting Structure

There are 12 governors on the governing body of Bayton CE Primary School.  All governors sit on the Full Governing Body (FGB) with full voting rights.  We are fortunate to have a broad skills set across the board.  Under the FGB, there is a Finance & Risk (F&R) Committee with delegated responsibilities.  They also consider various matters in detail ready to make recommendations to the FGB.  A couple of governors also sit on the Headteachers Performance Management (HTPM) panel and other panels which are convened as and when necessary.  Occasionally, working groups are created to explore specific issues and can include other non-governors with specific skills or experience.  These groups have no power to make decisions or voting rights and report to either the F&R Committee or FGB depending.


The FGB meet once every half term; the meetings alternate between a resources (finance, buildings & staffing) focus and curriculum (standards & general purposes and school improvement) focus.  Please refer to the Terms of Reference below for further information.


The Finance & Risk Committee is a new committee, formed in spring 2024.  The purpose of the committee is to consider specific areas of finance, buildings and risk in more detail.

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