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Online Safety

Online Safety at Bayton Primary


Online safety is about the protection of children whilst they are using the internet and digital technologies.  This includes: risk-taking and inappropriate behaviour by children and young people; risks and inappropriate behaviour by others to children and young people; illegal activity.


Whilst our school strives to empower your children with the knowledge to stay safe, it is important that you have a good awareness of the risks and dangers yourself.


Children are taught how to stay safe online as part of our PSHE and computing curriculum


Please look at our Online Policy for further information. This can be found in the safeguarding section of the website.


Here's some interesting Stats that we collected by Pupil Questionnaires conducted in September 2022.



The world of the web can be an amazing and important tool for learning, working and entertainment BUT it is vital that we educate and support children to use it safely and enable them to know what to do when things go wrong. We have a continuingly growing number of children in our school on social media sites that they are too young to use.

Please consider this information when letting your children online. We seek your continued support in safeguarding your children online.




We hope to have another visit from PSCO Simon Gallagher or Ness Snape this year.




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