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Curriculum Vision

Our curriculum and endeavour is focused on connecting people with each other, with the school, with their community, with the world and what they are learning. When learning is connected, it is retained and can grow.

Nurturing seeds of learning  

Growing our minds to flourish 

Thriving as unique individuals  

Bayton C.E Primary School is situated in the very rural outskirts of Worcestershire, surrounded by fields bursting with crop that we witness growing and thriving each year.  In September, it is planted; the soil is worked down carefully and slowly, seeds are given the nurture that they need to germinate. Throughout the year, the crops begin to grow; they are maintained with the essential elements that will help them to flourish. Then finally, they are thriving and ready for harvest. Just like the cycle of arable land, here at Bayton, we aim to give our pupils the opportunity to GROW; just as God wants us to.  

“Planted in the house of the Lord, they shall flourish in the courts of our God” Psalm 92: 12-14

We live this vision wholeheartedly in all that we do. Bayton CE Primary School is a unique and creative hub of excellence where high standards of work and achievement oscillate effectively with passion and pride. The ‘Bayton Way’ is at the heart of curriculum enabling us to implement our three core values:

Nurturing seeds of learning. 

Growing our minds to flourish. 

Thriving as unique individuals. 

Be Respectful

Appreciating the feelings, opinions, rights and achievements of others.

Be Responsible

Taking ownership for your actions and promises and accepting the outcomes.

Be Wise

The quality of having knowledge, experience and good judgement.


At Bayton CE Primary School we teach the Early Years Foundation Stage and National Curriculum plus our own bespoke strands. We have designed our curriculum specifically to the needs of our school and pupils. The organisation of our curriculum is built upon balancing the need for excellent core skills in Reading, Writing, Maths and RE with personal development and foundation subjects. All aspects have been carefully woven together and interconnected to ensure that the curriculum received by the pupils every day is holistic, coherent and well thought through.


Living wholeheartedly like Jesus, striving for full maturity and completeness in our lives. Planting seeds of values that support us to become flourishing children and adults of God. Developing our attributes to begin to grow our respect, integrity. humility, responsibility and empathy.   

We want to nurture our pupils and adults to grow into people who are polite, respectful, grateful and who thrive putting others before themselves. We believe that as we all practise these behaviours, over time they become automatic routines that positively shape how we feel about ourselves and how other people perceive us.  We want our school community to be great communicators and enthusiastic collaborators to be respectful citizens of the world.  

The Golden Thread that runs through our curriculum is inclusion; contextualising and individualising children’s learning so they can learn for real life. This fosters a spirit of enquiry and purpose for ALL learners – making it challenging, memorable and purposeful. We can achieve more by coming together rather than staying apart.



Enabling pupils to become responsible for learning more and remembering more, creating a change in long-term memory. Gaining knowledge and skills to broaden academic and spiritual greatness.  Being inspired by The Parable of the Sower after learning what happens to each seed that falls or is planted. “But the seed falling on good soil refers to someone who hears the word and understands it. This is one who produces a crop, yielding a hundred, sixty or thirty times what was sown.” Matthew 13:23

The Curriculum drives all aspects of the school forward ensuring all children thrive and find meaning and fulfilment in their school life. Our interconnected Curriculum is led by Key Humanities Drivers as ‘Themes’. Learning starts with a Sensational Start to hook in children’s interest and get them thinking about what learning will follow. Connections in the learning throughout the theme are encouraged but not essential. There are no limits to curiosity and thirst for new experiences and knowledge about the wider world so lessons are driven by Key Inquiry Questions linked to History or Geography. Reading is a key element, allowing the children to gain further perspective and understanding by studying a quality text, through Booktalk, that is linked to the theme. Carefully associated Genres in writing provide opportunities to delve deeper and master the key events, people and places they are studying. Our Maths lessons are often discrete, with an emphasis on the progression from new concepts, through fluency to mastery and greater depth. Each class undertakes a Local Study of our village and surrounding area to ensure our children are proud of their heritage and culture. Foundation subjects are linked where appropriate to encompass the theme to create a ‘Big Picture’ of learning.

The Curriculum is carefully thought out to provide sequential learning that builds on prior knowledge in every subject. Assessment is key to ensuring our children build knowledge. English and Maths lessons begin with retrieval practise and effective quizzing is used at the entry and exit point of Humanities themes. This helps children draw on their prior learning, remind them of all the connections between subjects that they have made, and create opportunities to consolidate learning and reflect. On-going assessment allows us to structure future learning and support to ensure every child grows, just as God wants us to, and is ready for the next stage of their education.


Having the wisdom to know that we can make a difference in our school community and beyond, reflecting on the growth we’ve made this year and upholding our spiritual and academic knowledge to take forward to new experiences with God to guide us. 

Children engage in a wide variety of enrichment opportunities including visits out of school and visitors to school. We feel it is so important to inspire the children with a wealth of additional experiences and opportunities. The children need to have the chance to experience new things, to work with those they wouldn’t normally be with and to try things presented to them in a different way to develop their curiosity about the world around them.

 Every child in school learns to play the recorder from Year One. House Matches and SchoolvSchool Sports events are arranged termly. We engage in charity events and local festivals such as the Chantry Music Festival and Applefest. Each year group has at least one trip and/or one inspirational visitor per term linked to their theme where possible. There are also whole school annual trips – The Pantomime and Weston Super Mare Beach- and visitors (Authors and Poets), the opportunity to take part in residential visits to London and Manor Adventure OAA in Years Five and Six, and a wide range of extra-curricular clubs and opportunities throughout the year.

Our whole school community shares this journey of learning with us. We invite our parents into our classrooms on a termly basis to experience a celebration of our successes within the classrooms. We work closely with our School PTA to organise annual events for our children to come together and enjoy.



Please visit our school facebook page by clicking here to see what is going on in our school.

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