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Medicines will only be administered at the written request of the parent and full agreement of the Headteacher.  Staff are not obliged to administer medicines.  Medicines must be clearly labelled, kept and administered in the school office.  (The administering of medicines is ultimately at the school’s discretion and may be refused).  Our full medicines policy is on the website and in the school office.

If your child is allergic to plasters you need to notify the school office where a register is maintained.


Several teaching and support staff are trained first-aiders.  Parents are notified if their child has had a bump to the head or if we feel they are not well enough to stay in school, or are in need of medical attention.

A record is kept of all accidents.


Charging policy

The school Governors have adopted the LA’s recommended charging and remissions policy, a copy of which is available in school.

The Governors would, however, like to point out that where voluntary contributions are requested for particular activities, these activities are very unlikely to take place unless parents offer the suggested level of voluntary contributions.



If your child is going to be absent or has been absent, parents should telephone and send a written note to confirm.  If a child is absent over a longer period of illness, a doctor’s note will be requested.

The Government threshold for “persistent absenteeism” is now set 90% attendance.  Should pupils’ attendance fall below this, families will be notified.


Leaving school during school day

Should you wish to collect your child for an appointment during the school day, please go first to the school office.  If possible, please notify the school in advance by letter or telephone.



Details of school holidays are sent home regularly or may be obtained from the school office.

Holidays will not be authorised in term time.  In exceptional circumstances, absence is allowed at the Headteacher’s discretion.  A holiday application form is available from the school office.  Holiday forms require parents to state destinations of holidays and reasons why they have to be taken during term time.  We promote 100% attendance and punctuality.  Children are in school 190 days per year and not in school for 175 days, so we do discourage taking any more time out than is absolutely necessary.  Our attendance and punctuality policy may be found on the website.  We have a common policy with all our neighbouring primary and secondary schools.


Child Safety

Parents wishing to accompany their children into the playground before school, or to come into school, should park their cars in the car park opposite Bayton Church and use the footpath leading to the back playground.

The front car park is for staff only.  

If your child is to be picked up by an adult who does not normally do so, please inform the school office.  Children will not be allowed to leave school with anyone who has not been authorised by the parent or guardian.

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